The CHOYCE team got together to brainstorm on the most useful advice for candidates before they go into interview. Below is the culmination of a small fraction of wisdowm garnered from  hours, days and years of getting feedback from both candidates and clients,

Behold the CHOYCE top 5 tips for interviewees:

  1. Turn up early. Assume everything is going to go wrong, you’ll over sleep your alarm, you won’t get a taxi, a typhoon will be on it’s way, turn up and sit downstairs for a well-earned up of green tea.
  2. Listen: As my mother used to say – we have two ears and one mouth.  If you are in any doubt at all, have the confidence to say “have I given you the information you are looking for on this question? ”
  3. Watch body language, is your interviewer bored? Tired? Engaged? Distracted? Keep your answers appropriate and tailored to what you hear AND what you see
  4. Engage: Always ask questions, even if you feel the interviewer has covered a lot, there are still questions to be asked – questions show that you are intelligent and enthusiastic – both great traits for top tier assistants.
  5. Tell the truth (obviously) and always be discreet. None of us have seamless career paths, but there’s a professional way to handle even the most awkward of scenarios. Have a good think about the best way to verbally present your CV whilst ensuring the confidentiality of all past employers.

P.S we have plenty of advise for clients too – that coming soon

Pps – when in doubt – call us ! we are always here to help, 2546 2230


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