The CHOYCE team got together to brainstorm on the most useful advice for candidates before they go into interview. Below is the culmination of a small fraction of wisdowm garnered from  hours, days and years of getting feedback from both candidates and clients,

Behold the CHOYCE top 5 tips for interviewees:

  1. Turn up early. Assume everything is going to go wrong, you’ll over sleep your alarm, you won’t get a taxi, a typhoon will be on it’s way, turn up and sit downstairs for a well-earned up of green tea.
  2. Listen: As my mother used to say – we have two ears and one mouth.  If you are in any doubt at all, have the confidence to say “have I given you the information you are looking for on this question? ”
  3. Watch body language, is your interviewer bored? Tired? Engaged? Distracted? Keep your answers appropriate and tailored to what you hear AND what you see
  4. Engage: Always ask questions, even if you feel the interviewer has covered a lot, there are still questions to be asked – questions show that you are intelligent and enthusiastic – both great traits for top tier assistants.
  5. Tell the truth (obviously) and always be discreet. None of us have seamless career paths, but there’s a professional way to handle even the most awkward of scenarios. Have a good think about the best way to verbally present your CV whilst ensuring the confidentiality of all past employers.

P.S we have plenty of advise for clients too – that coming soon

Pps – when in doubt – call us ! we are always here to help, 2546 2230


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  4. This is one of our most important job interview tips. While it’s necessary to express enthusiasm for the position, candidates who answer every question with upbeat eagerness may come across as insincere. It’s also important to avoid overstating your qualifications.

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